「 BRAVE, Vol. 1 」




Talker Fields is a singer and music producer from Fort Myers, Florida. In 2020 he self-produced and released his first single "At Least I'm Trying" - a song which landed on numerous curated "Best of 2020" lists on Spotify. Fields also self-directed and edited the accompanying music video.

Talker grew up playing in rock bands in Florida, but moved to Washington, DC, for college, where he started touring in bands around the East coast as a backing vocalist and keyboardist in reggae, jazz, rock, and country bands. Fields also lived and occasionally street-performed in Tokyo and Nagoya - two cities in Japan - before relocating to Los Angeles, California, when he decided to start his solo career.

Talker Fields in front of a billboard

Talker Fields speaks English and Japanese fluently. He describes his sound as aiming for a "more updated Hall and Oates, or Miguel for weirdos," attributing a large amount of his influence to those two. He is also a 3d artist, video editor, and designer, but claims he is "much better at music than he is at any of those other things."

Fields released his debut EP "BRAVE, Vol. 1" on April 2, 2021. "I think I was scared for a long time to show this side, the truest side of me, to everyone," he stated. "It's already kinda an act of bravery to be vulnerable, an artist, in front of people. It becomes even more aggressive in a world where it can feel like every stranger is watching, talking about you and your flaws."

The EP featured 5 brand new songs all produced and performed by Talker Fields, with additional production from his longtime friend and collaborator Louie Diller, who also does guest production and vocals on the EP's fourth track, "Come Get Me." It was released without any announcement, with the exception of a self-directed and edited video for the lead single "Warmup Tune" released to YouTube only days prior.

Within just a few days of the EP's release, Talker is already forming plans for the next one. "I gotta give my brain some time to sleep, get some more weird ideas," he laughs loudly, a big grin on his face. "I mean, I had to do a lot! The videos, the images, the music... But this is just what I do. The creation makes me feel happy, like I'm living my life."